“Freedom From Loneliness?”

I’ve dedicated my first column in The Point to a meditation on my friend Marina Keegan’s now-famous neologism:

“Those familiar with Marina’s political inclinations and activities will find it fitting that the great liberal Athenian leader answers her question in a word. The opposite of loneliness is citizenship, freedom nobly perfected, advanced by courage and sustained by love.”

Read the full column at The Point.

Atramentous — Official Trailer

A young filmmaker makes a blaxploitation movie…with an all-white cast.

Andrew: Blaine Pennington
Geoff: John Barker
Atramentous/Marshall: Michael Knowles
Five Fingers/Brennan: Chris Robertson
Alistair/Graeme: Pascal Yen-Pfister
Prostitute: Becca Bruder
Sound Girl: Krista White
Beggar: Alex Wright
Interviewer: Nelson Lassiter

Director/Producer: Greg Starr
Assistant Director/Producer: John Flynn
Associate Producer: Tanya Manderson
The Man: Frank Hooker
Director of Photography: Yessica Curiel-Montoya
AC: Kyle Taylor
AC: Doron Blumfield
Script Supervisor: Aina Segui-Prats
PA: Montgomery Brown
PA: Tristan More