I just want to see more Knowles.” –Gabriel Barcia, Yale Daily News, on Glengarry Glen Ross

“Trow’s Hopper-esque portraits allow the immensely gifted Michael Knowles ’12 to step out in his role….”

Knowles’ erratic breaks from an overall sly and understated demeanor draw the audience into his slick hairdo and chiseled jaw.

Comfortable in his gait, Knowles manages to maintain his center, while some of his cast-mates struggle with stiff legs and arched backs.”

Knowles’ schoolboy charm gels wildly with Hunter Wolk ’12 as Vernon….
–Zachary Fuhrer, Yale Daily News, on Laughing Stock

Knowles exudes charisma and animal magnetism. He lights up the play’s second half and keeps the audience on their toes.” –Cora Lewis, Yale Daily News, on Picasso at the Lapin Agile

“The same artificiality justifies that most of the actors don’t act like serious German composers, though Michael Knowles does manage to reconcile both and he stands out for it.” Simon Chaffetz, Yale Herald, on Bach at Leipzig

Director Michael Knowles ’12 has transformed this Rossini classic into a farcical explosion of turbans, nipple-rings, fetishes, harmonies, sex, and globalization. A unique theatre-going experience to say the least, with more belly-laughs than any opera should reasonably permit.” –Alexander Klein, IvyGate Blog, on L’Italiana in Algeri.

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