New musical “Love, Rose” debuts at Yale!

Want to see more world premiere theater at Yale? Come see Jeremy Lloyd’s ’13 new hour-long musical, Love, Rose, at Yale’s Nick Chapel Theater this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Show info:

Reserve tickets:

From Jeremy’s website:

Love, Rose follows Reena (Olivia Scicolone), a young woman who works in The Department of Misplaced Letters, the place where letters go when for whatever reason they can’t be delivered.  Reena sorts through these letters, re-routing the letters that can be re-routed, and then stealing the letters that would otherwise be trashed.  She brings these letters to her reclusive younger brother, Roger (Brennan Caldwell), who never leaves his apartment.  The two of them read through the letters of others together, and this is how Roger is able to live, in a strange way, through the lives of others.  But one day Roger gets the idea that a woman is trying to communicate to him through these stolen letters.  He pieces together snippets and phrases from many letters and believes conclusively that this woman, Rose, is communicating to him.  As Reena grows more and more concerned about her brother’s sanity, and jealous of his new friend, Rose (Bonnie Antosh) only grows more and more real.  The existence or non-existence of the letter-woman Rose will change the lives of these siblings forever.


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